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It is estimated that there will be more than 2 billion global digital buyers this year, based on statistics. This means about 25% of the whole world population. That is huge considering the fact that in the online world, a single store can reach to every corner of the world. More important, these numbers only tend to grow each year. Nearly $4 trillion is the total retail ecommerce value in 2020.

Around 15 percent of all the sales in the world are online sales. Again this number rises every year as more and more businesses choose to expand online along with their brick and mortar existing businesses.

Of course these are all good and encouraging stats, but there are also not-so-good stats that apply to online stores. Only under 3 percent of all the visitors an online store has, are actually converted to customers. Almost 69 percent of all shopping carts are abandoned and the list could go on. These are mainly due to poor online store management and/or poor design or functionality issues.

That is why your business will most certainly need professional assistance in setting everything up, or making everything work better.

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Our team has more than 5 years of experience working with Shopify websites. Whether you are looking to start fresh or want to migrate your website to Shopify, our team of developers and designers will help your brand reach its highest peaks and beyond.

Our services range from small landing pages or improvements to your website, up to full scale online store development or even custom Shopify apps development.

Aside from standard developing services, we also help you better understand your needs. Meaning we explain and offer details about all the features you need and those you do not. We do not like to waste our customer`s money.


Time is money. Our highest priority is your time. From the moment you contact us, our sole purpose is to deliver a complete solution as soon as possible


After years of experience and user-behaviour studies, all of our projects are easy to use by anyone and on any device. Responsive and UI/UX optimised

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We offer long term solutions for your business. After setting everything up, you can count on us to keep everything working and in good shape

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